Storm Water Compliance Inspections

Storm Water Compliance Inspections

In the environmental business, you are guilty until proven innocence. Your storm water compliance inspections are your supporting evidence if there is ever a question of non-compliance at your project. Our inspectors are all qualified and certified experts in storm water compliance.

Upon your site becoming active, our inspector will begin conducting routine inspections per the regulatory requirements of your permit. Each time an inspection report is conducted for your project, a copy of the report is placed in the SWPPP and emailed to your on-site representative. Our inspectors are always available to answer any questions regarding your report. Your SWPPP and maps will be updated to reflect current project activity. We store all your project’s permit, SWPPP, and inspection documents for a duration of three years after your permit is terminated.

Compliance 911 comes standard with all our inspection services, and is designed to inform you of serious infractions that our inspector encounters while visiting your project. This information is sent directly to your cell phone or designated email address. The notice can be communicated to various levels of management, and greatly reduces the chances of you being surprised by serious infractions across your program. Our goal is to assist you in getting ahead of enforcement opportunities before they can happen.

Other features that come standard with our inspections services:

  • Up to 8 hours of free consulting on your project
  • Free enforcement support
  • Routine EPA Ready SWPPP Audit
  • Water sampling kits



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Thank you Merit!

Since Merit Professional has taken over our 3rd Party SWPPP management 4 years ago, CalAtlantic Austin has experienced fantastic communication, responsiveness, and commitment from their entire staff. As we’ve grown together, Merit continues to meet our inspection and reporting details, leading to a perfect internal audit score this quarter. We fully trust Merit’s abilities and value their partnership greatly.


Shawn Patterson
CalAtlantic homes

Pulte Group

Merit has been our consultant since 2009. In those 8 years their expertise in Federal/Sate/Local regulations, SWPPP preparation and weekly inspections has been invaluable to our company. Merit has not only raised the education level in the field but also the compliance level for our company.

Derek Anderson
Pulte Group

David Weekley Homes – DFW

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how happy we are with the service we receive from Merit Professional Services in Dallas. Your managers and staff are kind, professional, and timely with everything they do.

With multiple communities in the DFW Metroplex, and a growing list of new properties, we require diligent assistance keeping up with TCEQ required Stormwater Permits, and appropriate Amendments and Notices for each successive Phase in a development. That seems simple enough on the surface, but it is a moving target that requires constant follow up.

Recorded Plats and Address Plats often arrive just days prior to the start of a community, and if your team wasn’t on top of things, always watching and reporting progress in the field, we could have been in violation of TCEQ rules many times over. SWPPP books are delivered and distributed in quick fashion once we provide your team with the necessary documentation.

It is obvious Merit has our back, and it is a great comfort to know you are there for us. We appreciate you very much!

Charlene Planz
David Weekley Homes

CalAtlantic Homes, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

I began working with Merit Professional Services in 2011. This firm has become our go-to vendor, for all of our storm water compliance, permitting, SWPPP and inspection needs. In a world where customer service and attention to detail appear to have become less of a priority, for most companies, Merit is the exception to that rule. I have no hesitation in recommending them. They have never failed to deliver on the high expectations that we have set and not only meet our expectations, but never cease to exceed them!

Chip G Boyd
CalAtlantic Homes, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

Let us concentrate on your records of compliance while you tend to the productivity and profitability of your operation.

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