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certified-storm-water-experts2The path we have taken has produced 33 years of experience. This has resulted in the production of over 6,000 SWPPPs nationwide, over 31,000 performed storm water inspections, conducting over 500 hours of live storm water training courses and thousands of hours focused solely on storm water compliance with the primary emphasis on the NPDES General Permit and SWPPP preparation. Merit has found their clients to appreciate the commitment and education of each staff member as one of its best attributes. Please visit the testimonial page for some of the client comments.

In November of 2008, Merit was chosen by the Texas Association of Builders (www.texasbuilders.org) to present the EPA/TCEQ approved “SWPPP it or Sweat it” program. This course was written to help builders understand the importance of storm water compliance and to obtain the coveted ”yellow sticker” of storm water compliance. Please visit their site to learn more about this excellent storm water training course.
If it wasn’t already apparent, we have decided to operate our business on a merit that is above reproach. We knew that the market would eventually see more and more small companies popping up to offer storm water services, but we realize this is more than writing a boiler plate SWPPP. We will strive to always put forth the best product, solution or service within the market. There is no substitution for quality in storm water compliance and it is becoming apparent that companies who chose lower cost providers are paying in the long run. We are aware that 90% of our job is service based and you don’t just pay us to “handle” it, you hire us to know we are managing this program. Our job allows your focus to be on your primary task of building your own business. To accomplish a service based business with excellent results, we feel everyone on our team must be first and foremost, trustworthy. Without trust, we lose the clients confidence resulting in poor relationships, potential fines or just bad service. We know that customers are placing a large portion of the risk on our shoulders and we are excited you chose Merit. Please know, we will carry this responsibility proudly.



Clint Vinson

VP of Operations


Matt Little

Sales Rep/Client Manager


“Merit Professional provides a valuable service in confirming that our communities are in compliance with Federal, State and local storm water regulations. Time after time, they have proven to be an extremely valuable resource to our company on all current projects….I would highly recommend Merit Professional for your storm water compliance needs.”

McGuyer Homebuilders Inc.

“In the construction world you must have a SWPPP and Inspections. We were using a company that failed to keep us in compliance and then Merit came in a fixed it all. They have done every inspection on time and keep our paperwork and site in compliance. The customer service is wonderful and I feel I can always call with questions. I would recommend Merit Professional to anyone who wants the job done right the first time.”

Kent Key Homes